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A Tailor Made Kitchen

A tailor made kitchen

Thinking of a kitchen remodel? Sure, pinterest is a good source of inspiration,

But imagine designing a kitchen specifically for your cooking and baking needs. Our designers at Lifetime Remodeling are professionals at understanding your needs and designing your space accordingly.

Follow our guide for tips on how to tailor your kitchen to your culinary style!

The baker’s kitchen

Have a passion for fresh breads, cakes, and condatory foods? Here are some design tips to help your creations taste effortlessly great.

Installing a baking workstation in your kitchen can be comfortable, convenient, and counter space efficient when it comes to kneading dough and cutting cookies. Whether your baking space is an island or a peninsula, incorporating storage space underneath will clean up your workspace, so that baking can be an activity for the whole family. We recommend installing swing up shelves, to save you from having to lift a heavy mixer in and out of the cabinet below. In addition, deep pull out drawers are the perfect way to store bulk baking ingredients like flour and sugar.

For countertops, while marble is sleek and cool to the touch, its light color can be easily stained by vanilla, berry juices or dark liquids. We would recommend a more durable rock - like quartz, which is also ideal for baking while also being easier to maintain.

Whether it be an island or a peninsula, this baking space can be a long enjoyed hobby for both you and the family!

The chef’s kitchen

Does your cooking style involve chopping, searing, and simmering?

Creating savory masterpieces that pop with flavor and color require time and space for the prep work. A gourmet kitchen requires proper lighting, generous amount of counter space, and a fridge that can hold and store a variety of fresh ingredients. Countertop materials can vary from heat durability to functionality when it comes to chopping, slicing, and dicing. Butcher block makes a great chopping surface, but a stone like quartz would be a better surface for hot trays coming out of the oven. For ingredient storage, having a french door fridge with a freezer below would be ideal to store fresh produce at eye level, while keeping plenty of space to squirrel away leftovers! Installing shelving to store spices and herbs can be convenient and aesthetic.

A kitchen for the whole family

Does your kitchen function as the hub of family life? Installing wooden built-ins and using warm paint colors will create a homey atmosphere perfect for weeknight dinners and family gatherings. Having an open kitchen design with an island and chairs ensures that nobody is ever alone while cooking in the kitchen, while also allowing space for helpers to chop, slice or mix. The wooden built-ins compliment the light color of stainless steel appliances to add a splash of warmth. Adding a light colored backsplash adds a pop of color while keeping the tones neutral and natural. By having upholstered kitchen chairs, you have a kitchen equipped to build a lifetime of family memories.

There are an infinite amount of kitchen designs and ways to customize those designs to fit to your specific needs. Here at Lifetime, our professionals are prepared to help you create your dream kitchen!

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