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How To Make The Most Of Your Outdoor Living Space

Whether your outdoor space is a balcony, poolside, deck, or patio, the ability to lounge outdoors is a luxury everyone deserves. We're here to help you maximise your outdoor space.


Balconies are a great way to extend your living space, usually offering a great view. The challenge with balconies is the shape and size. Balconies are usually narrow, long, and rather small. So adding furniture has the potential to clutter up the small space. To prevent this, we recommend low level chairs made from a thin material like whicker. Add a small table between the chairs for your morning coffee (or late night cocktails) but be conscious to keep the doorway clear to ensure space to move around. Any corners or walled spaces can be spruced up with plants (climbing plants or vertical gardens are a great way to add greenery while saving space). String lights and lanterns gently brighten the area while maintaining an open design style.


Patios can be incredibly versatile in their design and function. Providing ample space for lounging, entertaining, or outdoor meals, it seems as though the challenge here is figuring out how to fill up all that space. That’s why we recommend embracing the open layout, and not filling it up. Having easily movable furniture will allow you to utilize your space by moving things around when need be. Have a fire pit surrounded by sofas and club chairs for evening entertaining, or a table and chairs for an outdoor brunch. Be sure to keep the center of the patio open to allow for flow and flexibility, embracing the open fresh feel of being outdoors.


While decks can seem rather large, their thick wooden nature adds bulk that can be exacerbated by heavy furniture. So beware of wooden chairs, tables, and couches. Buy thinner framed furniture, and arrange them centrally, keeping away from railings if the deck is raised. Decks are usually pretty spacious in nature, so having a BBQ/ dining area on one side, and a lounge space on the other is a great balance, keeping both the center and doorways open for walking around.


Adding outdoor furniture to your backyard is a great way to comfortably enjoy your garden from up close. In a more lush and green setting, thicker wooden framed sofas and chairs add a cozy feel. If your yard is large, you can add a table and BBQ grill closer to the house, for dinner parties and entertainment, while having the lounging area in a more intimate corner of the yard, surrounded by your favorite greenery.


Sunrooms are a great way to have an outdoor feel, while remaining in the comfort of the indoors (no bugs!). Since weather isn't a threat, there are a wider array of furniture options. Chairs and sofas made from wicker, iron, wood, or plastic are all great, with the option to mix and match. Add side tables, dining tables, and lamps as you would an indoor space to allow for functionality and light. Since it’s indoors, you can also create coziness with a rug and throw pillows.

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