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Latest Bathroom Trends

To help you kick start your bathroom remodel!

Deep soak tub

Nothing like coming home from a long day of work to a stand alone, deep soaking bathtub. There’s a reason that deep soaking tubs are trending these days. This classy, clean, and modern accessory adds aesthetic, while giving you a taste of luxury that everyone deserves.

Shaped tiles

Adding shaped tiles to your bathroom adds subtle style without compromising function. Shaped tiles can be circular, scalloped, mosaic - you name it! If you're looking for something fun and different to add to your bathroom design, consider choosing shaped tiles!

Brass finishing

Whether it’s on a mirror, light fixture or door handles, a brass finish adds class and a pop of color to any bathroom palette.

Integrated lighting

The ability to integrate lighting into the architecture is up and coming in the design world. Integrated lighting adds soft, natural looking light to your bathroom

Natural elements

Incorporating natural elements into your bathroom adds warmth and a spa-like feel. Natural stone and hardwood are rising in popularity in modern bathrooms, and accessories like wicker baskets and potted plants add a relaxing and therapeutic aesthetic. Many houseplants are known to improve air quality and certain plants like bamboo, aloe, and orchids are recommended for bathrooms specifically.

Shower head

Whether it's a rain shower, pulse, shower, double shower head, or waterfall shower, these options will give you a taste of luxury and relaxation in your new bathroom, to make your shower more than just a shower. Customizing your showerhead is inexpensive, and upgrades any shower.

Any other questions? Our designers at Lifetime are happy to guide you in creating your dream bathroom!

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